CUPE National Education (Ontario Region)

CUPE National Education (Ontario Region)



Bev Smale Scholorship Fund

Scholarships commemorating many CUPE Ontario activists and staff are awarded under the umbrella of the Bev Smale Scholarship Fund. The scolarships are intended to help members access CUPE Educational programs. Find out about how to apply for a scholarship to assist workers in pursuing educational opportunities.

Stand up for Fairness

Some politicians want to undermine your ability to bargain collectively by taking away your union’s right to collect dues from all members, or by stopping us from taking political action. Our action helps create laws that benefit working people, and if the politicians succeed, everyone will be worse off. Visit the Union for Fairness website to get more information.

Program Calender - Register for a Workshop

If you are looking for a workshop or planning education for the upcoming year, you can access the information here. Our program calender currently runs to August 2016.  We are currently developing our September 2016 - August 2017 calendar and it will be posted to our website in June 2016. 

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