Request a workshop

We are very excited to announce the introduction of our annual school calendar.  We will be posting an annual calendar in the spring of each year with the workshops scheduled for Sept 1st -August 31st .  We will be working with Councils and Area Offices to schedule workshops to meet the needs of the locals in the area.  Workshops will be added to the calendar, where possible, when the calendar does not meet the need of the local.

To request a workshop please fill out the request form. For a complete listing of northern and southern regions, please check here.

The form can be filled out electronically on your computer. Save the document to your desktop and return it as an attachment. Please note the following:

  • Please provide all information requested.
  • Workshops will only be added to the calendar where the request cannot be accommodated through the scheduled workshops on the calendar.
  • Workshop requests should be made a minimum of 4 months before the requested workshop.
  • The minimum number of participants is 10 and the maximum is 25. The minimum registration rule is only relaxed in special circumstances, such as remote geographic locations or specific workshop needs.  Workshops with too few participants are often not viable because the workshops have group activities which require a minimum number of participants.
  • For internal workshops, minimum participation numbers must be confirmed when requesting workshops.
  • For non-internal workshops, the number of participants should be confirmed at least 3 weeks prior to the workshop.
  • CUPE will provide the facilitator and all workshop materials. Locals and councils are responsible for arranging the workshop location and ensuring that a TV/VCR, flipchart holder and paper, overhead projector/screen are available.
  • CUPE will ship workshop materials to the location requested. Materials will be delivered at least two days before the start of theworkshop. Locals and councils are responsible for verifying that materials have been received and immediately advising Collette Calvelli at or 905-739-3999 or Liane Cecchetto at or call at 705-474-9765 if there are problems.

Important: To request a workshop, please fill out one of the on-line forms.  For workshops in the Ottawa, Ottawa Valley, Cornwall, North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Thunder Bay, Timmins, Kenora area office service area, please use the Northern Ontario Form. For all other area offices, please use the Southern Ontario form.